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T0he best online retail shop.

What We Did

  • E commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Management System
  • Website maintenance
  • Mobile Responsive Development
  • Website Design
  • Photo Gallery Integration
  • WordPress Theme Customization

Project Summary

Groceries are a very vital part of any fully functional household, as they are needed for our day to day activities. Need to get some daily use items for yourself and your household? Look no further, here is an online food stuff and grocery store that will suit absolutely all your needs in 360 New Market as they offer you a variety of products ranging from Vegetables, Tubers, Tomatoes, to Proteins, Garri  Needs, non-perishable foods and much more that will take care of your needs and that of your family. Explore and add grainsvegetables and more to your cart, They will ensure you get the best quality items from 360 New Market, the best online retail shop. They want to make life easier for you as you shop for your groceries online quicker, faster and conveniently.
Ocean Trends met all project requirements, designing a beautiful, visual, and interactive website showcasing the products, its quality and health function.

Client Information : 360 New Market Limited Service

Skills :  Online Shopping Store

Website:  www.360newmarket.com