Web Design Training
Ocean Trends is one of the best website design training schools in Nigeria. Our classes presently hold only in Lagos and can be corporate(inhouse training organized by a firm for their staff) or classroom based, where you come to our training centre in Ikota Lagos. We also offer one-on-one executive training and online website design training. Ocean Trends is concentrating on latest trends and techniques which are happening in the web designing industry. Thats why we offer responsive web designing training, seo friendly web designing, html5, php and css3 training course programs. All of our courses focus first and foremost on standards based web design building techniques using industry standard software. Learn everything from start to finish for creating and publishing your website. Choose from Dreamweaver, JavaScript and JQuery, PHP and MySQL tutorials, Introduction to HTML and CSS courses.
Our academy has 3 phases involved in web designing course training. First phase is called "Pre production", under this students do planning for his assigned project. This is where all the necessary information is gathered by the web designing students, to gain an understanding of what the clients needs are. This step involves the asking of many questions like why they are making this website? Is it for product sales, providing information, service promotion? etc. What group of people is the website intended for? by doing this students gather content for the website. After this web designing students create sitemap for the website. The map contains all the main topics and sub-topics for the project. It is a guide for content and a user-friendly system of navigation. This is the end of web designing course pre production phase. Now students go for web designing course production phase. This is where The Academy provides fireworks training, HTML, CSS training to students. And finally the post-production phase where all the elements of the web designing and web development are analyzed to ensure its compatibility to browser types and SEO. This phase also involves the process of releasing it to the internet involving training on domain registeration and hosting.
Website Design Course Fees : N70,000 Course Duration : 1 Months Classes Timings: Regular-4hrs/Daily (Mon-Wed-Friday)