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24 Best Machine Learning Datasets for Chatbot Training

chatbot dataset

Other variables like size of your training dataset or your model’s context length can also have a disproportionate effect on a model’s perplexity. As the chatbot interacts with users, it will learn and improve its ability to generate accurate and relevant responses. ChatGPT’s performance is also influenced by the amount of training data it has been exposed to.


Since we want to put our data where our mouth is, we’re offering a Customer Support Dataset —created with Bitext’s Synthetic Data technology— completely for free! It contains over 8,000 utterances from 27 common intents —password recovery, delivery options, track refund, registration issues, etc.—, grouped in 11 major categories. After these steps have been completed, we are finally ready to build our deep neural network model by calling ‘tflearn.DNN’ on our neural network. Since this is a classification task, where we will assign a class (intent) to any given input, a neural network model of two hidden layers is sufficient. Depending on the amount of data you’re labeling, this step can be particularly challenging and time consuming. However, it can be drastically sped up with the use of a labeling service, such as Labelbox Boost.


Your chatbot won’t be aware of these utterances and will see the matching data as separate data points. Your project development team has to identify and map out these utterances to avoid a painful deployment. Many customers can be discouraged by rigid and robot-like experiences with a mediocre chatbot. Solving the first question will ensure your chatbot is adept and fluent at conversing with your audience.

chatbot dataset

For a chatbot to deliver a good conversational experience, we recommend that the chatbot automates at least 30-40% of users’ typical tasks. What happens if the user asks the chatbot questions outside the scope or coverage? This is not uncommon and could lead the chatbot to reply “Sorry, I don’t understand” too frequently, thereby resulting in a poor user experience. The second step would be to gather historical conversation logs and feedback from your users.

ChatEval Baselines

The company used ChatGPT to generate a large dataset of customer service conversations, which they then used to train their chatbot to handle a wide range of customer inquiries and requests. This allowed the company to improve the quality of their customer service, as their chatbot was able to provide more accurate and helpful responses to customers. Another benefit is the ability to create training data that is highly realistic and reflective of real-world conversations.

We believe that with data and the right technology, people and institutions can solve hard problems and change the world for the that while creating your library, you also need to set a level of creativity for the model. This topic is covered in the IngestAI documentation page (Docs) since it goes beyond data preparation and focuses more on the AI model. The number of unique bigrams in the model’s responses divided by the total number of generated tokens.

Third, the user can use pre-existing training data sets that are available online or through other sources. This data can then be imported into the ChatGPT system for use in training the model. First, the input prompts provided to ChatGPT should be carefully crafted to elicit relevant and coherent responses. This could involve the use of relevant keywords and phrases, as well as the inclusion of context or background information to provide context for the generated responses.

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Our training data is therefore tailored for the applications of our clients. The chatbot application must maintain conversational protocols during interaction to maintain a sense of decency. We work with native language experts and text annotators to ensure chatbots adhere to ideal conversational protocols. This may be a lot of invisible back-end work, but they need to be integrated seamlessly if you want your AI assistant to be able to fetch the right information and deliver it back to a customer in the blink of an eye.

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They created 10 multi-turn questions for each category, producing MT-Bench, a “quality-controlled complement” to the Arena. GPT-4’s explanations for its choice could even persuade human judges to change their picks 34% of the time. LMSYS Org has now released a dataset of 3.3k “expert-level pairwise human preferences” for responses generated by six different models. Therefore, the existing chatbot training dataset should continuously be updated with new data to improve the chatbot’s performance as its performance level starts to fall. The improved data can include new customer interactions, feedback, and changes in the business’s offerings. Each of the entries on this list contains relevant data including customer support data, multilingual data, dialogue data, and question-answer data.

chatbot dataset

To ensure the quality of the training data generated by ChatGPT, several measures can be taken. The ability to generate a diverse and varied dataset is an important feature of ChatGPT, as it can improve the performance of the chatbot. ChatEval is a scientific framework for evaluating open domain chatbots. Researchers can submit their trained models to effortlessly receive comparisons with baselines and prior work. Since all evaluation code is open source, we ensure evaluation is performed in a standardized and transparent way.

How to Collect Data for Your Chatbot

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  • A dataset can include information on a variety of topics, such as product information, customer service queries, or general knowledge.
  • By automating maintenance notifications, customers can be kept aware and revised payment plans can be set up reminding them to pay gets easier with a chatbot.
  • Therefore, building a strong data set is extremely important for a good conversational experience.